Julie A Banks 

Specialising in sports massage and reiki for both horse and rider.  
My ultimate goal is to help you and your horses get the best out of your treatments. 

Equine Massage & Reiki for both Horse & Owner 

Equine sports massage therapy is a therapeutic application of hands on massage techniques for the purpose of increasing circulation, relaxing muscle spasms, relieving tension, enhancing muscle tone and increasing motion in high performance horses. As a qualified nurse with a speciality in Orthopaedics, I have an insight into muscular problems. I apply my skills using sight, touch and hearing. I listen to what you tell me, through the treatments I can feel where you and your horses’ issues lie, and I look at you and your horses body language to assess where you or your horses’ pain is whether it is physical or emotional. 
Reiki is non-invasive and uses no pressure or manipulation. It is an holistic therapy treating the cause of the problem and not just the presenting condition. It heals horses on many levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is suitable for all equines and works safely alongside veterinary medicine. Putting all these together I can adapt treatments accordingly and will be individual to you and your horse. 

The Benefits of Equine Massage 

Pain relief 
Injury prevention 
Stress relief 
Increased flexibility & freedom of movement 
Increased/improved circulation 
Improved muscle tone 
Improved posture 
Improved immune system support 

The Benefits of Equine Reiki 

Easing anxiety and stress 
Nervousness and spookiness 
Separation anxiety 
Losing a loved companion 
Leaving behind past trauma 
Helping the natural healing process 
Preparing for their own passing 
Improving your riding experience and relationship with your horse 

Client Feedback 

“Thank you so much - all my horses benefited from Julie’s reiki treatment. Julie carried out her work on one of my mares ‘phee’ in the stable, she was really relaxed, practically falling asleep when I gazed round to find that my other three horses that was also in the stables had all fallen asleep as well! It was amazing to see all four snoozing with their noses on the floor. The peaceful energy coming from the reiki healing was amazing to the point that it was making me feel sleepy also! I can 100% say that Julie is a compassionate healer and gave my horses 100% of her expertise and good energy. It wasn’t just the horses that benefitted that day but me also… I recommend if you’re horse is having reiki to stay nearby for you to be able to soak up all that good energy. Excellent work!” 
Lisa Bettison 
Please be aware that as a Practitioner I cannot diagnose and will always obtain medical consent where necessary. For Equines you will be required to gain consent from your vet as under the Veterinary Act (19660) It Is IILEGAL for any person, other than the owner of the animal, to treat an animal unless permission of the animals Veterinary Surgeon is SOUGHT and Obtained. 
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