Background & Experience 

I am passionate about what I do 

I come from Nursing background having worked as a qualified nurse in a variety of settings including HMS Forces. My speciality has included Orthopaedics, this knowledge gives me the right insight into muscular problems. Having read Jack Meagher’s biography, I feel I can relate to this as I accidently fell into Equine Reiki healing with horses after a chance encounter with horse who approached me while I was on holiday in the Lake District, walking across a field she made her prescence known to me and just stood looking at me and gently nudging me in my back asking me for something, while I was already a Reiki Master for human it did not cross my mind that this was what she was asking for, for her and her daughter. 
This encounter empowered me to investigate this further and completed my Equine Reiki training with Sarah Berrisford in Spalding, having explained the encounter with Sarah she explained that she had seen what I had and wanted it. So, I am very grateful to this mare for encouraging me to do this and I haven't looked back. Having got back into riding again and being a massage therapist for humans I then investigated Equine Massage and studied equine anatomy and physiology and massage with Olivia Renshaw at Wolds Equine Massage through UK Rural Skills and am a member of the IAAT. I am passionate about what I do and what I can offer both you and your horses. I am fully insured through Balens and I am CRB checked. 

A History of Equine Massage 

“A muscle is a muscle” 
Jack Meagher 
Jack Meagher was a WW2 medic who first studied at the Massachusetts School of physical therapy prior to working with athletes, through his work as a physical therapist for the NFL he developed a technique that we now know as sports massage, it was designed to address the underlying causes of muscular problems before they became injuries. 

In Meaghers mind the primary concerns for any athlete, horse or human were 

1. To be as good as possible 
2. To be as safe as possible 
3. To last as long as possible 

The first professional equine massage therapist... 

Jack Meagher became the first professional equine massage therapist purely by accident. One of his clients had a broken down quarter horse so old, says Meagher, that the poor beast couldn’t pick up his hind legs. The man asked Meagher to try and work his magic, the horse turned out to have the same muscle spasms quite similar to those that bothered his owner. 
“Well when I got through with that horse he was as frisky as a colt, and that got me interested enough to study horse anatomy and practice on every back yard nag I could find”. 
Jack maintained his human practice half the week and went on to serve as the first equine massage therapist for the US olympic team and at a number of international championships across the world. 
Trainers had observed that their mounts were performing 20% more efficiently after massage. The results of his work were quite profound and Meagher was in high demand. 
Meagher passed away in 2005 leaving the Jack Meagher institute of sports massage and having written 2 books to detail his techniques for use by the everyday horse owner. 
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