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Equine Sports Massage Therapist | Equine Reiki Master 
I am also qualified to do Sports Massage and Reiki on people too. In a Reiki treatment I can treat both of you together for an especially bonding experience. 
Phone Number: 07966 842 036 

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Client Feedback 

"Julie arranged to come to treat my mare Nikki and I was pleased she arrived punctually which I think is important. She questioned me on where there might be problem areas, but gave Nikki a very thorough examination before she started any treatment. It was apparent from the word go that Julie knew what she was doing and found all the relevant spots to target. Nikki was so chilled out and relaxed throughout the whole session and you could tell from her body language that Julie was making a big difference to the comfort of the horse and undoing tense muscles. After the session Nikki was very relaxed and it was evident from the way she moved that the areas which had been giving her problems had been alleviated. I would recommend Julie and might even get her to come and give me some treatment too!" 
Trisha Wilson & Nikita 
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