Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I expect at first appointment? 

With Equine Massage I will need to take a full history followed by a static and dynamic assessment. In the static assessment I will be looking at posture, conformation by looking at the front of your horse, the back of your horse and both sides by doing this I can see if there are inequalities, lumps, bumps or swelling, is your horse comfortable standing straight or are they shifting from one leg to another. 
In the dynamic assessment I will be asking you to walk your horse away from me and back to me on both reins, then again in trot and then doing small circles. This will tell me if they move smoothly, in Rhythm, stride length isn't short, there is no tripping or dragging of hooves. This is then followed by a full palpation and full body massage and any issues found will be discussed with you after treatment is finished, please expect this treatment to last up to 2 hours. With Equine Reiki again I will take a full history, then I will commence the Reiki in their stable please allow 1 ½ hours for this treatment and again will discuss any findings with, you will be asked to stay around but not in the stable with your horse unless it’s a joint treatment. 

How many treatments will my horse need? 

This will depend on any issues found and how they respond to their treatment but can say 1 treatment a week for a minimum of 4 weeks, then reassessed but will advise a monthly maintenance treatment to keep on top of any issues dealt with. This is for both Reiki and Massage treatments. 

Can I ride my horse after treatment? 

You will be advised not to for at least 24hrs this allows your horse to relax and heal, so be sure they have access to water as you will find they will drink more than normal, this helps to flush out any toxins in the body. 

Do you offer a discount if I have more than horse needing treatment? 

Yes, I can offer you a £5 discount for more than 1 horse at the same yard, I can also offer a horse/rider discount if you have the treatment on the same day if there is somewhere suitable to carry out your treatment. 
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